2020 Reading List

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Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This was a fun light read. It’s written in the form of a long interview with all the band members, agents, producers etc.. so it was like a long people magazine article. But despite the simple style and the stock 70s stereotypes, you are cheering for Daisy by the end. The best part was the differences in how people view the same events. The downside to the structure is there are no scenes that draw you in the way a novel normally does. Title links to a review.

Recipe For A Perfect Wife by Karma Brown. Canadian. I enjoyed this book. I liked the set up and I liked the connection between the two women living 60 years apart.  It was interesting to see how things have changed and yet in many ways stayed the same for women within the expectations of marriage and family. I also liked that neither woman was a victim, each found a way to make her own situation better, albeit in very different ways. I also liked the way the recipes were used link the women together.

Tell Me I’m Wrong by Adam Croft. I’m almost wordless, but not in a good way. I’m actually confused. Adam Croft is, if not the biggest selling indie author in the world, then close to it. He has sold millions of books, and this book is one of his top sellers. It is also, quite frankly, the worst book I have ever read. It was like reading a long repetitive synopsis of a very simplistic book. The characters didn’t even have enough dimension to be flat. I read the whole thing in under 2 hours. So how is he such an incredible success???? On Goodreads there are many people who feel like I do. There are equally many many people who think it was incredible….. I’m at a loss. The title links to the goodreads reviews.



Daily Rituals Woman at Work by Mason Currey. This is one of those books that’s like a bag of potato chips, you can just dip in and have a bit or handful. Yummy in the moment, but not really nutritious. I always read these things looking for the formula that will work for me, but ultimately it all comes down to finding your own creative path and rituals. What others do is not that much of a help.



Personal Development

Atomic Habits by James Clear. A really really excellent book on habit change.