headshot with effectsI’ve been reading and writing for over 45 years. I started with Dr. Seuss and he’s still a favourite. Over those years I have read:

  • The major Margarets; Atwood, Laurence, and Drabble
  • The masters of story: Munro, Gallant, Carver, Saunders, and Trevor
  • So many Canadians: Toews, R. B.Wright, Hay, Adderson, Richler (father and children), Johnston, Davies, Huggan, Anderson-Dargatz, Montgomery, Urquhart, Maclennan, McLean, MacLeod, M. Winter, K. Winter, Bergen, Mowat, Michaels, MacDonald, Callaghan (father and son), Ondaatje, Wiebe, Leacock, Quarrington, Findley, McKay, Schoemperlen, Donoghue, Mistry, Humphries, Skrypuch, Ferguson, Shields, Stocks, Westhead, Moore, Speak, Redhill, Clarke, Adams Richards, Robinson, Roy, Bemrose, Hooper, Moodie, Mootoo, Choy, Pick, Barfoot, Boydon, MacIntyre, Ohlin, Vassanji, this list of Canadians could go on and on and on
  • Other favourites: Franzen, Cunningham, McEwan, Irving, D. Mitchell, Gilbert, Sedaris, Byatt
  • Classics: Dickens, Twain, Tolkien, Tolstoy, Christie, Conan Doyle, Austen, Forster, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Waugh, Wilde, the Brontes, Eliot, Kafka and so many others
  • I read a lot of drugstore bestsellers in my teens, like Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins, Shirley Conran, Judith Krantz, Jeffrey Archer and more recent blockbusters like Da Vinci Code and Gone Girl. I never did get on the Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey bandwagons though.

I know this is suppose to be an about me page and all I’ve done so far is list a lot of other people, but my love of reading stories is really the most fundamental thing you could know about me.

2016-07-17_1308I also like to tell stories. I decided to be a writer when I was 8 years-old. I’ve filled a lot of notebooks since then.  I received an Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Concordia University in Montreal, way back in 1983 and that led to lots of writing about news and events for weekly publications. I held the managing editor position for a weekly newspaper serving the military and surrounding community at CFB Borden for several years.

t_company150My writing path has included everything from handmade greeting cards to ghost writing company newsletters and blogs. From 2007-2009 I published an ezine called WednesdayWoman. I’ve published two short stories in all those years, but in my defense I only sent out four, so my results are pretty good! I’ve published a lot of personal essays online and three in Chicken Soup for the Soul collections. And sadly there is an unfinished novel that haunts me.

Books themselves are also my passion. The way they look, feel and smell. A personal library is like collecting art.

2016-07-17_1314I will have been married to the wonderful and wildly supportive Charls (not a typo), for 30 years as of July, 2016 and during those years we raised two amazing children.

Now the time has come to truly devote myself to telling my stories, real and imagined. I have written thousands of words since I was 8 years old, but all that feels like it was my apprenticeship. I am fascinated by the changes in publishing over the last 10 years. There is so much opportunity for indie authors to create and find an audience. I plan to use my experience as a reader, writer, layout designer and editor, coupled with all the knowledge I have gathered on the subject of publishing, to help myself and others tell our stories.


Lovely letters I received from WednesdayWoman readers:

Wednesday Woman New Flag

Laura L. “Just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your column! You are such a good writer and a “human” writer. You speak for every mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend – and have a great (and funny) perspective on things!”

Hilary M. “You have a great ability to see the profound in the everyday. It’s really touching.”

Kathy S. “I love your opening stories in this magazine. You bring such insight to life over forgotten little things we should all cherish.”

Yvonne S. “I love your magazine. You are such a great writer. I will spread the news about this little on-line gem.”

Heather C. “Ok, it is 6am on Wednesday morning and I am bawling at the computer. Both articles.. Missing from the table and the Magic one have made me shed some tears. Thank you for writing so that I may feel.”

Mariette B. “Your web site is GREAT! The added touch of linking the album cover to youtube is genius. I enjoy your sense of humour. It not only makes me laugh but warms me up inside as well. Now I’m thinking next Wednesday is just too long a wait. Thanks.”

Liette J. “Visions of you playing air guitar in the broccoli section of the grocery store sends me into fits of laughter. You really are the best at what you do. I SO enjoy your writing and your wonderful WednesdayWoman.”