headshot with effects

It’s January 2018 and I’m 56 years old. Actress Betty White turned 96 this month. If I am as lucky as Betty, I could have 40 years ahead of me. How would I want to spend them? What’s important to me? What would I want to achieve? Learn? Give? Enjoy?

If I want a long life, what changes do I need to make to my lifestyle? What new habits do I need to cultivate?

How can I create more meaning and more happiness?

How do I handle regret, loss, and random chin hair?

Did I miss the boat on some of my goals? Or is there still time?

My son is getting married this summer and my daughter is graduating from university this spring. How do I redefine my role in their lives, now that they are adults? How will the shift from full time parents to empty nesters influence my marriage?

I have more questions than answers at the moment. I hope to use this blog to chart the road ahead.