Life in First Person

Fall is your friend’s cool mom

Each season has a personality.

Summer is a hippie in soft leather sandals. Summer drinks pink lemonade in a Dixie cup, purchased from a five year-old in a driveway, not a Passion Fruit Mango Kiwi blend infused with calcium, Omega-3 and the essence of pomegranate. Summer eats hotdogs on pasty white buns with ketchup or cheez whiz. Summer always has a purple or orange tongue.

Summer loves late nights watching the stars and drinking sangria with friends. Summer spits watermelon seeds across the lawn, and reads fluffy novels in a lawn chair.

But hippies tend to be irresponsible, and the late nights take their toll. Luckily Fall always shows up with a warm pie and a plan to put life back on track. Fall is your friend’s cool mom.

Fall drinks full bodied wine and eats soft cheese on warm baguette.  Fall sleeps in a little on Saturdays, and then bakes cinnamon buns.

Fall cleans Summer’s pantry of ketchup chips and gummy worms and fills it with nuts and dense whole grain breads.

Fall has plans to stick to a budget, and watch portion size. It’s hopeful and enthusiastic without New Year’s desperation and official resolutions. Fall plans healthy meals while secretly anticipating the mini chocolate bars at the end of October.

Fall sounds like distant trains and smells like wood smoke. It reads something thick and thoughtful while stew simmers on the stove.

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