I am very excited about life right now

I made a list of all the creative projects I would like to explore in 2018 and the list was 26 items long. Some of those ideas are writing projects that have been around for several years (finish the novel I’ve had an on and off relationship with since 2004) and some are fresh (a short story collection and a novel of linked stories). Some of my ideas are for design projects (I can lose myself for hours in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and more recently, Illustrator) and others on the list are business ideas, ways I can share my passion for writing, design and indie publishing.

It’s going to take me more than this year to accomplish all the projects on that list, but I’m going to get started.

One of the ideas is weekly blogging, so here I am. I’ll figure this out as I go. I’ve had blogs before, but stumbled over the advice to have a niche subject to write about. I am not an expert on any topic except being me, and even that is debatable.

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